Katey Branch
Candidate for Maine State Senate District 19

About Katey

A proud resident of South Paris, Katey has been a small-business owner in Western Maine for the past 32 years. Her career has been dedicated to ensuring State and community growth in Western Maine. She has worked as an environmental educator, organized to end domestic violence, directed Partners for the Future (a mentoring program for teens), and facilitated Natural Helper’s (statewide teen peer counseling). Katey has co-founded two non-profits over the last 20 years, Project AWARE, a teen youth empowerment project, and the Alan Day Community Garden (ADCG) of Norway, Maine. Both organizations work to improve health in the community. Katey is a strong proponent of the arts, she taught annual theater classes at the LOOK program and is a multimedia artist herself.

Katey calls western Maine home because of her love of the mountains, lakes and the honest, resourceful people who have become her family, friends, and neighbors. After attaining her Master’s degree in Environmental Education from Lesley University, she worked as an adjunct faculty teaching graduate and undergraduate students. Katey has traveled around the country teaching environmental education and knows first-hand how important a healthy environment is for a healthy community. In her career as a Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor and small business owner, Katey knows the toll that stress, overwork, and economic insecurity can wreak on people’s health. She is committed to improving local economies by supporting Maine owned small businesses and their employees. Katey is a strong proponent of respecting diversity. She has worked with a wide variety of people through the Oxford County Wellness Collaborative’s Healthy Community Gatherings and Restorative Community Trainings, and recognizes that many residents don’t feel like their perspectives are being heard or considered locally or in Augusta.


Why Katey


Katey is running for Maine Senate District 19 to ensure that all Maine residents have equal access to good healthcare, education, and jobs. She wants to protect our environment to keep Maine a safe and healthy place for our children and their children. Katey’s goal as our State Senator is to make sure that the people of Western Maine are being heard in Augusta and that our government is responsive. We all have valuable insights, and bringing our voices to the legislature is Katey’s top priority.

Katey will be a voice of measured reasoning in the State House. With practiced listening skills, she is equipped to facilitate productive conversations about issues we all care about. Katey promises to work to make Maine politics respectful, cooperative, and expedient. She knows that if we all work together, we are going to have better outcomes that everyone is invested in.

On the Issues


Supporting schools and teachers to provide high quality, efficient and effective education. Building stronger technical education and training programs to provide our students with skills to enter into an expanding job market in Maine. Providing more education and opportunities for student loan relief.

Family & Community

Access to affordable housing, support for families caring for children, elders, grandchildren, people with disabilities.


Local people know what we need to do to solve our most pressing community problems, and we need State government to work with and for us. Katey will make sure our voices are represented in Augusta by getting money out of politics. She will hold respectful conversation about issues we all care about, listen to all sides, and work to build cooperative solutions for our State policies.


As a small-business owner, Katey has seen firsthand the explosion of small businesses, breweries, restaurants and craft boutiques, and is a strong advocate of using local produce and materials to supporting local people and lifting the economy. Maine has a bright future and can be a model for how states can be more successful by supporting the environment and people.


Protecting our environment and supporting renewable energy will lead us to a liveable future. Maine is primed to be a leader in the country by reestablishing local economies, promoting organic agriculture and saving small farms with stimulus packages.


All Mainers deserve access to affordable, high-quality health care. Katey will fight hard for Western Maine to make this a reality.


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